About Journal


Asia Socio-Economic Development Journal is a high-quality open access peer-reviewed research journal in the field of social economics development that was established by Asia University in 2019. It is an academic platform for publishing original theoretical and empirical research in applied science and social science. This journal is managed by a number of experienced editors who have expertise in applied science and social sciences. Research articles will be evaluated based on their novelty of the topic, quality of the work, and the ethical guidelines. The Asia Journal of Socio-economics development is published four times a year both in print and online format.

The main topics addressed within the journal include, but not limited to,

– development economics, 
– social development, 
– agribusiness, 
– food and agricultural policy, 
– entrepreneurship development
– organization and leadership
– human resources development, 
– corporate social responsibility,
– ecotourism development,
– regional development, 
– geography, planning and development, 
– institutional development, 
– management of natural and environmental resources, and 
– sustainable development.