Copy right policy


Copyright aims to protect the specific way the article has been written to describe an experiment and the results. Asia is committed to its authors to protect and defend their work and their reputation, plagiarism, ethic disputes and fraud very seriously.

Author of this manuscript who has published the article to Asia Journal of Socio-economics Development is granted the following rights.

  1. The right to use original figures and/or tables from one of their articles.
  2. The right to use parts of their article.
  3. The right to post their accepted manuscript immediately to the social networking sites like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

In the cases above, authors must:

  • Cite the article as a reference (including journal title, volume, issue number, and article ID 
  • Clearly state the copyright line of the article including the year of publication (in the case of figure/table reuse, authors must include the copyright line at the end of the figure caption).